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  • Punctuality  at practices.

  • Make sure to wear the uniform  during practice.

  • While trainings, each student must show up with a football, which will be returned at the end of it.

  • During matches, is mandatory the use of: shin pads and long socks; if you own the uniform make sure to wear it properly.

  • If you are running late to practice, you shall meet with the coach before.

  • Absences permits will be considered, when emergencies, or especial cases require them.

  • The line-up of the players will only be considered by the coach and the coach only.




  • You are welcome to encourage your kids, please show it with respect to the opponent and keeping in mind that our staff is fully qualified on taking decisions.

  • During matches, benches are meant for the players. Make sure they remain available for them.

  • Please do not overstep the training area, only players and coaches are allowed to be there. There is an area specially designed for you.

  • Please respect and follow the rules of our facilities.

  • Teams will be made according to the number of players available.

  • To be a subscribed player, it is very important that each player fully covers with the requirements set by the club.

  • To become a part of our teams, each player must be subscribed.

  • If your child has any physical condition that must be considered, please make sure to inform this, to our staff.

  • Practice schedules must be respected at all times.

  • Communication between parents and coaches is crucial in order to improve the development of each student.

  • Make monthly payments on time.

  • If monthly payments are suspended, subscription will be needed again, therefore a subscription fee will be included.

  • No admittance if monthly payments are due.

  • All trainings are important and needed, to face the local leagues, friendly matches or even tournaments.

  • Instill to students that hard work and tenacity leads to success.

  • Academic Performance is important for our students as a significant part of their professional education.

  • If practices are suspended, this will be announced through bulletin boards or in our Facebook Page.

  • If weather conditions occur, practices may be suspended, but not replaced.

  • The efficiency on matches is important, therefore is recommended to all players to sleep properly, taking in account the commitment that you acquire, when joining a sports institution.

  • Respect towards your own team mates as well as your opponents, at all times.

  • Take care and respect the training gear and facilities.

  • Facilities may only be used according to each training schedule.




We appreciate your help and understanding, for us to help your child to have a whole and satisfying sport´s education full of values and discipline.


by Javier Saavedra 




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