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11 B Gold








  • Learning to play and have fun running.

  • Learn to win and lose.

  • Fearless fun balloon.

  • Dribble, I shoot it and kick.

  • Learning to follow the instructions of the coach.

  • Instilling that football means playing and coaching collectively.Endurance.

  • Knowledge of rules: Gol, throw-and Misdemeanors.

  • Driving, reception and simple passes inside instep.

  • Do not let it cause piles (all ball and the same area).

  • Games 5x5 and 6x6.


Training Schedule
We will train twice a week, Tuesday & Thursday

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Program Overview
Players signed on a 12 month contract.
Game Format
U7 & U8 Teams play 4v4, Three Fifteen (15) minute periods/5 min breaks
U9 & U10 teams play 7v7, 25 minute halves.
Player equipment: 
Players at U7, U8, U9 & U10 use a size 3 Soccer ball.
Shin guards, cleats and team uniform required for all training & games.
Program Fees
Teams: (train 2x per week).
Commitment fee: $200.
Monthly training fee: $150 per month for 11 months. 
($50 discount if paid in full at time of registration)
Uniform package: Basic package $360 approx. (On Yr2 of a 2 Yr cycle)


FALL 2020 & SPRING 2021 Season

(REGISTERING ON APRIL -MAY 15 for fall & spring season *commitment fee doesn't apply)
Tigres San Antonio will process automatic payments that will be withdrawn from the credit/debit card provided by the player’s parent or guardian. The first payment will be due the day you register, the next payment will be the following month on day 1st, and consecutively until you complete your total payments.
All payments listed above will account for: 4 months of professional training sessions starting August 15 2020, and finishing May 15th 2021, field usage fees for training, administrative costs, AAYSA registration ,STYSA registration, WDDOA, referee fees. 

 Uniforms fees, outside competition tournament fees, travel expenses and Commitment fee are not included. 

All fees are non-refundable. The player’s registration is a commitment to the club and his/her teammates.
Cancellation or postponement of a practice session, game, or event due to weather conditions are no valid circumstances for issuing a refund.
Tigres San Antonio staff will use all available accommodations in order to fulfill all practice sessions and games.


Team tryouts are held in May each year. If you wish to join the club during the remainder of the year please contact the program director to arrange a tryout.

We will invite your player out for a free training session to experience the soccer club and assess your player's ability.

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