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Our Premier Players are always in the move, they play local, regional and national leagues, domestic and international tournaments, at least once a year we play international tournaments, games and train with the top Pro Academies in Monterrey Mexico, we offer our top players the opportunity to play at least 40 games per year, we verse diverse playing styles, we don’t play 5 times a year versus the same clubs.


Our teams play as they train in challenging games, our head coaches are former pro players and know exactly what skills and techniques the young players need to succeed in a pro club or college teams, our teams train 3X week and since we own our fields our players can form small groups and train additional days.


We are Fútbol people ...we breath Fútbol ....if Fútbol is your passion Tigres FC is your place.

Launching in Fall 2022, USYS National League Elite 64 features year-round competition in six age groups (13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U and 18/19U) for the top 64 boys clubs and top 64 girls clubs in the country. The annual competition calendar that includes…

  • A minimum of 14 league games over a 10-month season, with a schedule created to aid a player’s periodization and involvement in high school soccer.

  • The Elite 64 Finals and Showcase. All teams attend, and top regular season finishers compete in championship brackets, with winners in select age groups advancing to the USYS Champions Cup.

  • Up to three national showcases taking place alongside National League P.R.O. — creating a cannot-miss scouting opportunity with the top club-based and team-based national competition. Showcase games do not count toward league standings and teams play top-level competition from outside of their Elite 64 groups.

  • The ability to advance to the USYS Champions Cup, where Elite 64 Finals winners in the 14U-17U age groups can compete for an international title against other domestic and international champions.

  • The option to play in the USYS National Championship Series via entry into their respective USYS State Cup.

As the elite club-based platform in the USYS National League, Elite 64 clubs have access to other USYS and National League competitions, such as the National League Conferences and National League P.R.O., to create a complete developmental pathway within a single organization.

The USYS National League debuted in 2007 and has provided a competitive national platform for several professional and international players, including Morgan Gautrat (née Brian), Rose Lavelle, Samantha Mewis, Emily Sonnett, Daryl Dike, Jeremy Ebobisse, Jack Harrison, Jordan Morris and Walker Zimmerman. 

Elite 64 is also proud to work with partners ProScore and STATSports to bring world class qualitative and quantitative performance analysis to all Elite 64 players — allowing each athlete to track their performance and making every game a recruitable moment. MORE INFO HERE




Elite 64 is US Youth Soccer National League’s ‘Elite Performance Tier,’ which is the pinnacle of soccer in the United States, providing a never-before-seen experience that enhances a player’s recruitment into the college and professional game.


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For the 13U and 14U age groups, the Elite 64 league season will offer a minimum of 14 league games (per group of 8) that can be scheduled and managed by the clubs over a full 10-month period, as players of this age are generally unaffected by high school soccer.


For the 15U, 16U, 17U and 18/19U age groups, the Elite 64 league season will offer a minimum of 14 league games (per group of 8) over a 10-month period. The schedule will be created and managed by the clubs to aid players’ periodization and involvement in high school soccer.


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National League P.R.O. provides a platform for top boys and girls teams in the 14U through 19U age groups to compete in a league format to determine the National League representatives to the annual USYS National Championships. Teams earn their place into National League P.R.O. This platform provides teams with a pathway to make history at Nationals and players with
a chance to advance their soccer careers.

In its history — from early days with just 30 teams to recent years with more than 300 teams — the National League has seen many of its players go on to star on the collegiate, professional and international levels.

Additional information regarding Frontier Conference can be found on the US Youth website