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Tigres San Antonio Soccer 


Tigres Club promotes football to reinforce values ​​such as: discipline, respect towards rules and teamwork, simulates family integration, boosts a healthier lifestyle, keeps children and young people away from falling into undesirable behaviors and encourages them to pursuit their dreams.

Aware of the social roll that football plays on youth´s education, Tigres drives this sport through Tigres Academies, currently located in San Antonio, Texas.

In these centers, thousands of kids practice the kind of football that defines Tigres: a fair play and professional football, which provides families with recreational activities as well as promoting such sport as an essential part on the youth´s education. 


Each summer, these players participate in  Tigres Academies International Tournament, which is held in La Cueva (Monterrey N.L.) and is also a good chance to introduce new talents that may become candidates at Reserve Team.

Through their Reserve Team, Club Tigres opens an invitation to join our football academies, in categories from 1993 to 2000.

Accredited centers acknowledged by the Institution as part of the Tigres Academies meets with several requirements related with the proper coaches training, the quality of the facilities and a suitable  administrative structure.


Tigres scouting area execute trials throughout the year, free of charge to all players coming from Tigres Academies.


​​​​Philosophy Train young soccer players through an optimal teaching-learning process which will awaken their innate potential while also promoting human values and morals in their professional training


​Our VISION To be recognized for our player’s excellent development, players trained with under high quality guidelines, to offer the best professional and academic opportunities.

Each stage of our training program has been carefully designed for our players.



  • Each of our players will reach their maximum potential.

  • Provide differentiated training to meet and develop the abilities of each player.

  • Offer to our most outstanding players an opportunity to be part of Professional Clubs in Mexico and USA


Training Staff


Tigres San Antonio Coaches are certified by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and/or National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA)


Javier Saavedra / Owner

USSF License B

Manuel Luna

USSF License D


Nayeli Barajas

USSF License E

Jessica Sanchez

USSF License E


Luis Huerta

USSF License E


Jorge Molina

USSF License E, NSCAA – Level 4

Misael Sierra

USSF License E


Session Structure

How does the training work?


Children learn through play and experimentation. We use the same principle to teach soccer. Our training programs work not only for soccer but also on running, jumping, turning, throwing, climbing, catching and so forth, abilities that are necessary to play most of the sports.



We work on child´s psychomotricity skills through play, so they find the training entertaining and interesting.



We teach soccer technical and basic elements: ball kicking, ball control, ball conduction and using the head to hit the ball.



We teach the child the importance of every position on the field, its role, and responsibilities.



We teach the child to user his or her inner Strength and to build self-confidence. Positive interaction with teammates during the game.


Session Structure

2 Session per week

Duration of Session:  80 min - 90 min

Players per session : 10- 16


Stage I

Warm up

  • Maximize ball contact and maximize repetition

  • Progress from unopposed to opponent (Tech-Skill)

  • Integrate physical components 

Stage II

Small-Sided Activity

  • Integrate individual and pair tactics

  • Integrate Psychological components

  • Competition

  • Cooperation 

Stage III

Extended Small-Sided Activity

  • Integrate Principles of Attack and defense

  • Directional play is essential

  • Expanded Numbers 3v3 to 6v6

  • Integration of most game variables 

Stage IV


  • Laws are enforced

  • 2-1-2 Team Formation


What they will learn?

Javier Saavedra / Career

Saavedra started his career in 1996 with Toros Neza, where he reached a final. He was transferred to Tigres in 2000, and then played for Morelia for a short while in 2002, returning to Tigres in 2003, moving to Chiapas for a short period in 2006, until finally returning to Tigres in 2007.

He has reached 5 finals, two of those finals have been with Tigres and another two with Morelia.

Saavedra has been one of the best players even when the team is not playing good at all, Saavedra was bench at the start of the season this year, he didn't start any games until the fifth game and in his comeback game he got 2 assists and one goal defeating the team that has been marked as "the best in mexico" 3-2, since then he has started all games and now he has 4 assists in 4 games which makes him one of the most efficient players in the team and with him, the team has 7 points out of 12 possible, and before that the team only had 1 point out of 15. On May 2, 2009 Saavedra scored the game-winning goal against Cruz Azul, the goal saved Indios from relegating to the Primera División A.

On May 8, 2010 Javier won a bi-championship with Necaxa and helped it return to Mexico's First Division.

He played for the Mexican national team during the administration of Manuel Lapuente.

Saavedra signed with expansion San Antonio Scorpions FC of the North American Soccer League on January 24, 2012.[1]

Javier Saavedra / Resume

2009    Course Technical Director of Soccer / Univerdad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon

2012    Reserves team Coach / San Antonio Scorpions

2013    Asistent Coach            / San Antono Scorpions

2014     License C / US Soccer Federation

2018     License B / US Soccer Federation

Career as a player:

1996-1998       Club Toros Neza                                  (México)

1997                   Selección Nacional de México           (Copa America Bolivia 97)

1999                  Selección Nacional de México           (Copa Carlsbeg Cup Hong Kong 99)

1998-2002      Tigres de la UANL                               (México)

2001                   Selección Nacional de México           (Eliminatorias Corea – Japón)

2002                  Selección Nacional de México           (Eliminatorias Corea – Japón)

2002-2003      Monarcas de Morelia                          (México)

2003-2006      Tigres de la UANL                               (México)

2006                   Jaguares de Chiapas                           (México)

2007-2008       Tigres de la UANL                               (México)

2009                   Indios de Ciudad Juárez                      (México)

2009                   Tigres de la UANL                               (México)

2010                    Club Necaxa                                        (México)

2011                     Club Irapuato                                      (México)

2012-2013        San Antonio Scorpions                        (USA)

by Javier Saavedra 




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